Ultra Filtration Plant
We offer a comprehensive range of Ultrafiltration Plant, Ultrafiltration System which is used as a pre-treatment to the existent reverse osmosis plants. These plants are designed by using advanced technology with the purpose of removing micro bacterial counts. Our Range filtration plants Includes Industrial Filtration Plant, Water Filtration Plant, Pressure Sand Filters, Iron Removal Filters.

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Ultrafiltration System

Ultra Filtration Plant

Ultrafiltration System


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Ultrafiltration is a membrane based technology, which is used for separation of higher molecular weight particles from water. It can separate particles of even 0.01 microns from liquid ( i.e. Molecular weight 10KD to 100KD). Different membrane configurations and sizes are available for filtration requirements. Hollow fiber and Spiral wound configurations are most commonly used in the industry.The UF membranes have tolerance for free chlorine also they do not alter minerals compositions.
♦Simple to operate.
♦Easy to maintain.
♦Automatic operation.
♦Automatic forward flush and back flush.
♦Adequate safety interlocks.
♦Packaged drinking water.
♦Surface water filtration.
♦RO pretreatment.
♦Waste water recycle & more.

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